EV Charging Station Installation

Cost of EV charging station (Components of EV charging)

There are many benefits of setting-up EV charging stations. A retail business can host EVCS to increase revenue from customer attraction; municipality can also setup charging station for public health perspective and environmental benefits. Setting up EV charging infrastructure is more beneficial for companies to attract & retain employees who want to charge their EVs during office hours.

Public Charging station costs:

Setting up of Public Charging Stations (PCS) has been de-licensed activity and any individual/entity is free to set up PCS. The PCS should meet all the performance and standards requirement released notification by government of India titled ‘Charging Infrastructure for Electric Vehicles – Guidelines and Standards –reg”[1][2].

The costs for setting up EV charging station includes land, equipment, installation, manpower & maintenance, advertising & promotion, and electricity cost (New connection, transformer, cables Energy meters and cables). The cost can be reduced by taking advantages of incentives & subsidies provided by the central/state government.

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