Business Models

There are primarily 3 areas where your business can invest and build offerings around electric mobility. Therefore, the value-wheel consists of these three major areas – Mobility, Infrastructure and Energy.

i) Mobility

ii) Infrastructure

iii) Energy


Mobility is the segment where the actual increase of electric vehicles on the road will take place. Your business in mobility will focus on business models that use electric vehicles to provide services to the customers. It will focus on value addition to the customers using electric vehicles. To further evaluate how business models under both the categories would enable you to create value for customers, Click below

Business in mobility


The key barrier for large scale adoption of electric vehicles in India was lack of public charging infrastructure. Thus, India needs to have a robust backbone for charging infrastructure across the length and breadth of the country with considerations of traffic and population density. Infrastructure segment includes charging infrastructure, battery swapping stations, and businesses build on traction battery. To further evaluate the business models under this category, Click below

Business in infrastructure


Research shows that a private vehicle stands idle for an estimated 95% of its lifetime. This very fact builds the premise for energy as a value area. Batteries in electric vehicles store electricity. When not in use for commuting, electric vehicle owners can trade/ sell/ utilize the stored power and earn additional revenues.

Energy segment includes electricity used for charging vehicles and storing in electric vehicle batteries. Additionally, electric vehicles can be charged from Renewable Energy sources and actually help in contributing to grid stability by storing wind power in night and solar power in day and in turn help in proliferation of Renewable Energy and contribute to reducing GHG emissions.

To understand how energy stored in the electric vehicle batteries can provide value to its owner, and areas where you can evolve your business in utilizing power from electric vehicle batteries, Click below

Business in energy