ZEVTC Declaration

Zero-Emission Vehicle Transition Council (ZEVTC) brings together ministers and representatives of some of the world’s largest automobile markets to collectively address key challenges in the transition to ZEVs, to enable faster, cheaper, and easier transition to EVs for all.

On Transport Day at COP26, India, represented by NITI Aayog, participated in the fourth ministerial dialogue of the ZEVTC, a global forum on enhancing political cooperation on the transition to zero-emission vehicles. Several stakeholders—automotive manufacturers, governments, businesses, fleet owners, etc.—made the declaration to actively work towards the proliferation and adoption of zero emission vehicles.

ZEVTC Declaration


Governments in emerging markets and developing countries

Government of India

Cities, states and regional governments

Government of Sikkim

Automotive Manufacturers

Fleet owners and operators, or shared mobility platforms

Other signatories

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