Discover a collection of knowledge repository of all you might need to know about the enabling ecosystem for electric mobility along with market updates.

National Level Policy

The central government has developed policies for accelerating the adoption of electric vehicles. Here’s everything you need to know about the key initiatives taken by the Government of India in this direction.

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State level Policies

Most Indian states have devised their own policies and offer additional subsidies on top of central government subsidies to promote the adoption of electric mobility. Here’s all you need to know about measures taken by the state governments.

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Electricity Cost for charging

Electric vehicles are cheaper to run in comparison to petrol or diesel vehicles. Here’s all you need to know about the cost you will need to pay to your local power distribution company to charge your electric vehicle.

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Standards and Specifications

Electric vehicles and their chargers comply to stringent safety and quality standards. Here’s the brief of standards adopted in India.

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Reports and Articles

Getting access to insightful reports and articles doesn’t always have to be cumbersome. Here’s the repository of downloadable reports and relevant articles.

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Catching up on the latest trends and developments in the electric vehicle space has never been so easy. Here are your newsletters to get all updates on the electric mobility space.

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Useful Links

Curious to learn more? Here’s the link to the relevant websites to assist you in your search of relevant information on electric vehicles.

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Skill Centre

The Skill Centre outlines the training institutes, centers of excellence and vocational trainings offered by government and private institutes for upskilling or reskilling to flatten your learning curve.

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International Best Practices on Policies

Comparative experience among different countries can provide valuable lessons on the best practices required to develop effective policies in the electric vehicle sector. Here’s all you need to know about the international best practices and the key lessons on e-mobility policies.

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